In Mexico City, one possible case of coronavirus has been found

MEXICO CITY (Agencies) – The General Direction of Epidemiology reported a suspicious case in Mexico City, of  a person infected with Coronavirus.

The person is a 37 year-old man, a Chinese national who lives in Mexico’s capital and traveled to Baotao, China, from January 3 to 27, 2020.

The person began with respiratory symptoms on February 7, 2020. So far, the patient is stable and does not present symptomatic contacts.

The Institute of Diagnosis and Epidemiological Reference (InDRE) has selected and validated the confirmatory test that will be transferred to the state laboratories of 31 entities and high specialty hospitals in the coming days.

It will also be the training center for countries in the Latin American region, including Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Belize, the Dominican Republic and Cuba.

The idea is that the countries “do not have to send the samples to the collaboration centers, and therefore lose precious time in making decisions about isolation and patient care,” explained the spokesperson.

The WHO has issued travel advisories to China suggesting avoiding non-essential travel, and if necessary, applying specific preventive measures such as frequent hand washing using soap and water, eating only well-cooked food and drinking simple drinking or bottled water, avoiding crowded places, avoiding contact with live or dead animals, as well as consumption of raw meat, and where possible avoiding contact with sick people.

As of 9 February 2020, 37,558 confirmed cases (2,676 new cases) have been reported worldwide from the 2019- nCoV and 813 deaths (89 new deaths).

In China, 37,251 cases (2,657 new cases) and 812 deaths have been confirmed, of which 780 occurred in Hubei Province, six in Heilongjiang, six in Henan, two in Beijing, two in Chongqing, two in Hainan, two in Hebei, two in Gansu, one in Anhui, Guangdong, Guizhou, Hunan, Jilin, Shandong, Shanghai, Sichuan and Tianjin, respectively.

There have been 307 confirmed cases outside China (19 new), in 24 countries. In the Americas: United States 12, Canada 7. Of all cases, 16 were detected while asymptomatic.

In the South-East Asia Region: Thailand 32, India 3, Sri Lanka 1, Nepal 1.

In the Western Pacific Region: Japan 90, Singapore 40, Republic of Korea 27, Australia 15, Vietnam 14, Malaysia 17, Philippines 3, Cambodia 1.

There were 64 (3 new) reported cases identified on an international cruise within Japan’s territorial waters, which are included in the country’s cases.

In the European Region: Germany 14, France 11, Italy 3, Russia 2, United Kingdom 3, Spain 1, Sweden 1, Finland 1 and Belgium 1.

In the Eastern Mediterranean Region: United Arab Emirates 7.

At the UIES, since the telephone number 800 0044 800 was set up to deal with the 2019-nCoV issue, a total of 239 calls have been received, requesting information about the disease, symptoms and where to seek medical attention.

The Yucatan Times