French tourists who died in a tragic accident on the road to Rio Lagartos are not yet repatriated

More than a week has passed and the bodies of two French tourists who lost their lives in a tragic accident, on the Kikil-Tizimín road, have not yet been repatriated.

On Saturday Feb. 22nd, the father of one of them arrived in Mérida to begin the proceedings, in order to claim the body of Sarah Reggoune, who lost her life together with her friend Salma El Mouini.

The procedures to recover the body are complicated, as tourists were victims of prey and their belongings were stolen, including their identifications.

According to Sarah’s family, they were dialing her cell phone and a Yucatecan man answered who said he found the device.

The family is very dismayed and very worried because they fear that the procedures to recover the body are getting more and more complicated.

On Saturday Feb. 22nd, Faouzi Reggoune, father of one of the victims, arrived in Mérida to begin the proceedings before the Prosecutor’s Office to recover his daughter Sarah’s body.

Until now, is unknown how the procedures are going, but what is known is that the bodies have not yet been claimed.

Both of the victims are French, of Moroccan origin, and had enthusiastically planned their trip to the Yucatan Peninsula months in advanced.

The Yucatan Times