Eliminating long weekends can leave losses of more than 21 billion pesos. ASETUR

The Association of Tourism Secretaries pointed out in an analysis that this figure is equivalent to 1.1 percent of the annual tourism GDP.

CIUDAD DE MEXICO (Times Media Mexico) – The Association of Tourism Secretaries (ASETUR) assured that the elimination of long weekends, a proposal promoted by President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and supported by the Secretary of Tourism Miguel Torruco, will leave an economic loss of 21.512 billion pesos.

The country’s tourism secretaries and the Center for Research and Tourism Competitiveness at the Universidad Anahuac conducted an analysis in which they state that this figure is equivalent to 1.1 percent of the annual tourism GDP, in addition it is equal to 0.7 percent of domestic consumption.

“If long weekends are cancelled, the effect on the tourism industry, which is facing difficult times, will be very serious, without any guarantee that this will solve the problem,” the analysis states. In recent days, the Federal Executive indicated that long weekends (in Mexico called “puentes”)  will be eliminated on civic and historical dates, this in order to commemorate days such as the anniversary of the Revolution on the exact day of its event.

Given this, the private and public tourism sector called for strengthening historical memory without damaging the tourism industry, which represents 8.7 percent of national GDP.

The Yucatan Times