Eco’ox Waste Management invests over $900 million pesos in Cancun


Eco’ox has invested more than 900 million pesos in the infrastructure and equipment for responsible and intelligent waste management in Cancun.

Eco’ox the New Waste Management System in Cancun has made an investment of over 900 million pesos in the city’s waste management infrastructure and equipment.

The modern Eco’ox Waste Management System is based on containment, which makes it the most efficient waste collection system that prevents waste from being abandoned in the middle of the street, a situation that generates various problems for both citizens and the environment. With this new waste management system, Cancun is taking another step towards becoming the most sustainable city in Mexico.


  • 60 Collection Trucks
  • 120,000 Containers equipped with RFID and GPS
  • Automated Lifting Systems
  • 2 Hazardous Waste Management Units
  • 2 Units for Biological Infectious Waste
  • Construction of the Municipal Waste Recovery and Transfer Center Monitoring and Customer Service Center

The Eco’ox company has clear objectives and one of them is that the generation of waste is done in a responsible way, leading citizens, companies and businesses to have an efficient collection service, to the point of creating a culture of responsibility in separating waste, which will be treated in paying less for the service.

The Yucatan Times