Cenotes of Cuzamá receive more than 3,500 visitors a week

Merida Yucatan. February 18, 2020 .- “The volume of tourists who go weekly to the four cenote routes of Cuzamá exceeds 3,500 people, leaving an important economic spill for the families of the area, so tourism service providers need better organization and training”, said the mayor of that municipality, Antonia Zapata Maas.

The municipal president said that in the municipality of Cuzamá there are a total of 230 cenotes. In total the ejidatarios, exploit four of these sites: Xokin, Chunkanán (the three cenotes), Ek-nakan, which is comprised of four underground caves, and Bolón.

Zapata Maas revealed that, in cooperation with the state government, the construction of a tourist service unit will begin shortly, however, she considered that “better tourism infrastructure is needed”, in order to provide better attention to the thousands of visitors who come to these enclosures.

Mayor of Cuzama, Antonia Zapata Maas (Photo: Realidad)

She also said that it is not possible to quantify the economic spill that the ejidatario groups receive, since it varies according to the days and volume of visitors. But mostly on weekends, between 120 and 150 people visit the area, and they are charged between 350 and 400 pesos per visitor.

“It is necessary to work on tourist attention. Local service providers need to be trained, the “trucks” used to transport the tourists need maintenance, and of course the cenotes must be cleaned up regularly, but for this, the help of the state government in collaboration with the ejidatarios is needed, ”said the mayor.

Finally, Antonia Zapata Maas stressed that the municipality works permanently in the care of the cenotes and weekly visits to the different points where tourist activities are carried out for garbage collection, that they meet the demands of service providers and monitor security aspects in general all over the cenote zone of Cuzamá.

The Yucatan Times