Campeche’s “Playa Mundo Maya” to be developed in Ciudad del Carmen

National and foreign businessmen who have investments in Yucatan present a proposal for Campeche called “Playa Mundo Maya”.

A group of national and foreign businessmen who have investments in Yucatan stand in solidarity with the Tren Maya project, and present a proposal for accommodations and services in the coastal area known as “Playa Mundo Maya”, which is located in the state of Campeche, and will be built between Isla Aguada and Sabancuy, next to the Federal Highway 180 in the municipality of Ciudad del Carmen.

The representatives of the investors announced in a press conference on Thursday Feb. 13, that there are several businesses, especially with foreign investment, which are opening in Mérida and Campeche, waiting for the ”Ah Kanan” ecotourism hotel zone to take shape.

The stretch of Campeche Beach, called Playa Mundo Maya, has an area of ​​60 hectares, is owned and operated by the Global Property Service Group, based in Mérida. It will be one of the new attractions, in addition to the remote archeological sites, accessible by the Maya Train.

200 million dollars will be invested in the complex, and entrepreneurs from Monterrey, Mexico City, United States, Canada, Europe, Singapore and South Korea have expressed their interest in the natural beauty of the area, and their willingness to invest.

This project will have a significant social and environmental impact, and will trigger a large number of jobs, in addition to strategies for the preservation of the endemic species and the environment.

The Yucatan Times