Bee attack in Yucatan leaves a dead dog and a person in the hospital

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“In the municipality of Tizimín, eastern Yucatán, there was a bee attack, which resulted in a dead dog, and a man that had to be hospitalized”, authorities in that city reported.

The events occurred on Wednesday Feb. 26 in a plot located on Calle 40, owned by Mr. Armando C.T., 58, who called the emergency number 911 after being attacked by dozens of bees.

According to the information provided, around 6:00 p.m., the man went out to his yard, and suddenly, he was attacked by a swarm of bees passing through the place.

Location of Tizimin, in the east of the state (Image: Google)

The victim received about 30 bites in different parts of his body, and fortunately he was able to move away from the place, get his cell phone, and request help from the emergency services.

Local police officers and firefighters arrived on site in a matter of minutes.

However, a hive could not be located, so it is believed that the bees were passing through when they attacked the man and his pet.

The dog lost his life at the scene, according to municipal authorities.

Local paramedics transferred Armando to the San Carlos de Tizimín Hospital, aboard an ambulance of the Red Cross. His condition is reported as stable.

The Yucatan Times