AMLO blames the neoliberal model for the murder of 7 year-old Fatima

The president said his government is working to stop the femicides and asked female protesters not to paint nor destroy the doors of the National Palace.

CIUDAD DE MEXICO – In response to the atrocious murder of seven-year-old girl, Fátima, which has shocked the country, Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that feminicides are a product of the “selfishness and accumulation of wealth in a few hands left by neoliberal policies”, which has gained him strong criticism on social networks.

Fátima, was seven years old, she was reported missing since last February 11 and her body was found last Saturday. When found, Fatima’s body was naked, without her organs, inside plastic bags used for garbage disposal

Authorities in Mexico City are offering a reward of more than $100,000 USD  to find the killer of the little girl.

AMLO said that in the face of this serious situation of violence and loss of values there must be a joint effort by citizens, churches, all sectors and the government itself to have a better society.

“I maintain that it fell into a decline, it was a process of progressive degradation, which had to do with the neoliberal model,” he said. “I have always said that unemployment, economic growth, and even the number of homicides are measured, but the degree of social decomposition produced by neoliberal policies is not measured” (SIC) AMLO said.

He warned that in view of the situation, a “hard-line” policy cannot be applied, but rather the underlying problem must be addressed, seeking both material and spiritual well-being.

“These are crimes that have to do with hate, crimes that have to do with social problems, family problems, it is a social disease. This is not only solved by the police, nor by prisons, nor by threats of an iron hand, here we have to attend to the bottom line, that there be material well-being and well-being of the soul, that it be insisted upon to the point of exhaustion that only by being good can we be happy and that we all help to have a better society. This is the rotten fruit of selfishness and the accumulation of goods in a few hands and the abandonment of the majority of our people.” (SIC) he said.

The president insisted that public life has to be “purified” with a new current of thought, hence the importance of speeding up the elaboration of the moral Constitution, to prevent the “black stain of individualism” from growing and values from being strengthened.

The president’s statements unleashed the fury of Internet users, who blame AMLO’s government for doing nothing to stop the femicides in the country.

“Enough is enough! #Fatima was. 7 years-old, 7 years-old!.. Nor did she go out at night.. Nor did she dress provocatively.. Nor did she walk with the groom.. Now what will be the pretext.. “, wrote an Internet user.

The Yucatan Times

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