A couple was found tied up and brutally beaten inside their home in Mérida

Photo: Novedades

A married couple was found tied up and brutally beaten inside their home located in Mérida’s Colonia Miraflores.

On Thursday Feb. 13th, around 8 in the morning, the couple’s son arrived at the house on Calle 65 A (x 24 A), and found his parents on the floor beaten and tied up. He immediately called emergency number 911.

The first investigations report that the couple was sleeping, when three criminals broke into the house in the middle of the night.

The 52-year-old man was pulled down from his hammock, thrown to the floor and brutally beaten; while his wife, 50, was also attacked. The attackers assaulted and threatened the couple with a knife and a pair of scissors.

The criminals seized various belongings and tied up their victims. The lady was found handcuffed.

Colonia Miraflores is just a couple of miles east of downtown Mérida (INEGI)

The first information indicates that the victims are stable now, and have been transferred to a city hospital.

The State Investigation Police Unit arrived on site to conduct the corresponding investigations. So far, there is no information on any detentions related to this terrible crime.

The Yucatan Times