77 million people use WhatsApp in Mexico

11 years after hitting the market, WhatsApp is used in Mexico by 77 million people, as it is one of the most used applications in the country.

“From new generations to older adults, all are communicating through this means”, said Cristina Múzquiz Fragoso, director of Teaching in Information and Communication Technologies, of the General Directorate of Computing and Information and Communication Technologies (DGTIC) of the UNAM.

She said that according to a study conducted by UNAM, Mexicans use this app to communicate with friends (91.3 percent), with family members (81.7), and increasingly for labor issues (just three percent).

Currently, two billion people in the world use this application, mainly in India, Brazil, the United States, Indonesia and Mexico.

Created in 2009 by Ukrainian Jan Koum and his partner Brian Acton, the goal was to have a “smart agenda” to find out if another person was available to speak.

The Yucatan Times