Want to learn Spanish fast? Here are eight tips for the intensive lessons

There are several quick ways to learn Spanish; it really depends on what approach you choose and how motivated you are. Today we want to focus on the tips that you can put to work right away and learn Spanish fast.

1. Build up your vocabulary
Vocabulary is essential for any language learning process. That’s because words help you deliver the idea that you put inside the sentence more precisely. Knowing the right words is everything when you try to communicate with the locals in the Spanish-speaking environment.

So whether you’re the one who Googles ‘how to learn Spanish fast’ or knows exactly the further steps, focus on your vocabulary and make sure it’s rich enough before you communicate with someone.

There is one thing that can boost the process of vocabulary building: always have a notebook wherever you go. You can use it just for your regular notes, but also write down new words on the back of it.

Heard a new word while watching a movie? Simply write it down along with the translation. The notebook should be small, so you could carry it and have a chance to take a look at your vocabulary whenever you have a free minute: in a subway, bus, or while waiting for your friend.

Learn Spanish fast by utilizing every free minute you have and putting it to work.

2. Take intensive Spanish lessons online
It would be weird not to mention that you can study Spanish with the online teacher and get yourself a course of intensive lessons with a professional tutor.

Here is why it may really suit you in 2020:

  • You can have a flexible schedule; you don’t have to follow the group’s plan, just pick the time that works best
  • You’ll see the progress faster cause the online tutor works with you directly, not with the whole group of people
  • You can pick among hundreds of online Spanish teachers by reviewing their resume and learning their background

Basically, whenever you have free time and a laptop with a stable internet connection — you can learn Spanish. Surround yourself with Spanish and get advice from experienced tutors to make sure you learn the language fast.

3. Make sure you have an excellent place to study
Even when you learn Spanish online, you’ve got to shift into the studying mode. Take it serious. You won’t memorize the grammar rules if you have a Skype call with the Spanish tutor while having your lunch in the coffee house with the noisy music.

Pick the time and keep in mind that you’ve got to remain in the proper environment while learning Spanish. Lessons require you to be focused, especially when we talk about intensive language courses.

4. Plan out your study with tight deadlines
So you want to know how to learn Spanish fast, but do you actually have a study plan? Did you set the goals and deadlines?

You’ve got to know your milestones to make sure you achieve more without losing your focus. To make that happen, you’ve got to set a list of goals that you want to reach in your Spanish language learning and mark approximate deadlines for each.

This will keep you motivated throughout your journey. No worries, sometimes you’ll have to move the deadlines, cause no one can know the exact amount of time you may need to memorize Spanish grammar.

It’s more about having some approximate limits to figure out discipline and keep focused while knowing your goals.

5. Always repeat aloud the new words and grammar rules
As we have already said, the idea is to surround you with Spanish, to get yourself into the Spanish environment. So while you communicate with the locals, you will always get to know new slang words and expressions that will help you brighten up your speaking skills.

Whenever you hear something new, your notebook awaits. Put it to work. Repeat the word aloud, make sure you’ve got the translation right and write down that thing to your notebook.

This way, you will always be able to get back to it and memorize everything more accurately. The more Spanish words, expressions, and grammar rules surround you — the more intensively your brain tries to learn how to communicate using this language properly.

It’s about having an opportunity to express your idea more precisely, so these small tips from your notebook will be fantastic tools for that.

6. Get into Spanish literature and movies
Reading and watching movies with the Spanish subtitles is a must. It also works vice versa; you can watch a Spanish movie with English subtitles. Whatever suits you will be just fine.

The idea is to hear Spanish-English translations of sentences that people regularly use in real life. Movies are just great for that.

Also, expert tip — late-night shows and sitcoms can help you build an endless vocabulary of everyday expressions and slang words.

7. Communicate with the locals
So you want to know how to learn Spanish fast, but have you tried to communicate with the locals more? Get a drink with your new Spanish colleague, have a small talk with a grocery store cashier. Socialize and give locals a chance to teach you, they will be more than happy to help you out.

Learning Spanish fast is about your focus
So if you ask yourself how you can learn Spanish fast and still waste your time on procrastination, you’ve got to stop. Learning a new language is about the razor-sharp focus. It requires you to invest your time and efforts, but this will definitely pay off later; you will easily communicate with your colleagues, new friends, and everyone who speaks Spanish. Doesn’t it sound wonderful?


The Yucatan Times