Train crashes with a tourist bus in Uman, Yucatán

At least five people injured, including a 6-year old child, along with significative material damages, was the balance of a crash between a train and a tourist bus at the entrance of the municipality of Uman, just a few miles away from the Mérida International Airport.

According to preliminary data, on Monday Jan. 13th, around 9:00 am, at the crossroads of Calle 11 and Calle 20, in the municipality of Uman, the driver of a tourist bus tried to cross the tracks, and did not realize that a train was coming, situation that resulted in a spectacular accident.

Uman is located only 26 kilometers (16 miles) west of downtown Merida (INEGI)

Witnesses say that neither the bus driver nor the passengers heard the sound of the train, so the driver crossed the railroad tracks and when he saw the train coming towards him, he could not react on time to back down.

Apparently, the train was not running at full speed, but it hit the bus and dragged it a few meters, causing it  damages both in the front and rear.

Municipal police arrived at the scene minutes after the collision. Two ambulances treated the injured passengers. Fortunately, no casualties were registered.

The Yucatan Times Newsroom