Tizimin Fair received 1.5 million visitors

With a biker ride and a show by comedian Tila Maria Sesto, the annual fair in honor of the “Three Wisemen” finally ended on Sunday January 19th.

The director of the Municipal Police, Roberto Ivan Pacheco Aranda, reported that 1,500,000 visitors arrived during the 20 days of the city’s celebration.

He noted that this is a record figure for Tizimin, as the Fair attracted visitors from communities not only in Yucatan, but from other states too.

Sunday in the main square, approximately 500 bikers from Southeast Mexico participated in the traditional rally that ended the Expo Feria Tizimin. There was also a rock concert and a motorcycle show.

Acknowledgements were given to the municipal authorities and the Organizing Committee of the fair for the support given during the days of the festivities.

The Yucatan Times