The Castro-Chavist dictatorships are supported by Argentina, Mexico and Spain

The new decade maintains the existence of two Americas, one democratic and the other dictatorial of organized crime from which the permanent destabilization of democracies is sought. The dictatorial America, now called “Castro-chavism”, is led by Cuba, which controls the dictatorships of Venezuela and Nicaragua and integrated Ecuador with Rafael Correa and Bolivia with Evo Morales. Most of those dictatorships lost space and faced terminal crisis situations… except now they are supported by the governments of Argentina, Mexico and Spain.

In democratic America the characteristics are “alternation in power and predictability”, fulfilling the essential elements of democracy summarized in the respect for human rights, the rule of law, the division and independence of powers, free and fair elections with a pluralistic regime of political parties and organizations.

The characteristics of dictatorial America or Castro-chavist dictatorships are the “indefinite permanence in power and its de facto exercise” with the absence of the essential elements of democracy, the existence of persecuted people, prisoners and political exiles through the judicialization of repression, and the commission of crimes as an exercise of power in a system of transnational organized crime that includes drug trafficking, terrorism, corruption, crimes against humanity and more.

Ecuador with President Lenin Moreno resulted in a “transition to democracy” government restoring essential elements and allowing legal actions for Correa’s corruption, moving away from being a dictatorship. Bolivia with the resignation of Evo Morales, with an interim government takes the country to new elections, struggles to free itself from the dictatorial system still in place before the conspiracy and permanent threat by the serious impact that represents its loss to the Castro-Chávez system.

To delay their end and contain the growing internal and international pressure for the liberation of the people of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua, the Castro-Chávez dictatorships that oppress these countries launched an offensive against democratic America, evidenced by the failed coup d’état in Ecuador, the destabilization of Chile, the activation of the FARC, support for the ELN and conflicts in Colombia, the conspiracy in Peru, Brazil and others, migration and drug trafficking against the region, the United States, and more.

Democratic America has been strengthened and the number of states increased, which has been expressed in the Organization of American States that returned to the respect and application of the Inter-American Democratic Charter, in a new foreign policy of the United States for the region, in the Lima Group, in the reactivation of the Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance and in a growing attitude to correctly identify the enemy that attacks the democracies.

The defeat of dictatorial America is delayed by Mexico’s foreign policy aligned with the Castro-Chávez dictatorships under López Obrador. His sabotage of the Lima Group, his open support for the dictatorship in Venezuela, his consistent support for the dictatorship in Cuba which includes the hiring of “slave doctors”, the protection given to the dictator Evo Morales to flee Bolivia and his position in the UN and the OAS demonstrate this.

The support of Alberto Fernandez and Cristina Kirchner has changed Argentina’s foreign policy to put it at the service of the organized crime represented by Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua. This is proven by Kirchner’s close relationship with Cuba, the defense of the fugitive dictator Evo Morales by committing violations of international law such as allowing Morales to conspire from Argentine territory against the interim government of Bolivia and the withdrawal of President Guaidó’s representative from Venezuela to replace him with one of Maduro.

In Spain with the government of Pedro Sánchez/Pablo Iglesias, Castrochavism has taken power because “Podemos” is the creation of dictatorial America to penetrate and destroy Spanish democracy. The intervention of members of Spain’s security forces to free fugitives from the Mexican Embassy in La Paz-Bolivia proves this. We can control the official Spanish television and penetrate the foreign service.

“The friend of my enemy is not my friend”. The democracies of the Americas must be clear and timely in specifying and denouncing the position of Argentina, Mexico and Spain, not allowing a “double standard” and acting accordingly.


Carlos Sanchez Berzain for INFOBAE
Lawyer, politologist. Director of Interamerican Institute for Democracy


The Yucatan Times