Statement by the Secretary of Public Security:


It is of public knowledge that the hotel zone would be the scene of disturbances. In view of this situation and in order to safeguard the physical integrity of the Yucatecan families who attend the Bici-ruta every Sunday, as well as that of hundreds of local, national and foreign visitors who enjoy the area as tourists, a road and security device was implemented.

Additional measures were also activated by the presence of the personal representative of the President of the Republic and eight governors, among others.

Today’s march was atypical, since some of the participants from the beginning showed that their objective was physical confrontation and provocation against the police elements: they removed, with violence, the fences that prevented their access to the area and attacked SSP agents.

In the midst of this aggression against agents, one of them activated a dissuasive mechanism to defend his fellow police officers from the aggression to which they were subjected and to prevent the violence of the provocateurs from spreading to passers-by and families in the area.

A thorough investigation of what happened has been ordered. Until the SSP’s Internal Affairs Department concludes its investigations, the third policeman C.M.S., who activated the mechanism to dissuade the violence received, has been suspended.

Here in Yucatan we are not going to allow violent actions as happens in other states of the country. In that sense, in this state, no element of the SSP, the Army, the Navy and the National Guard will be allowed to be attacked in the fulfillment of their duty: they will respond in a proportionate manner, as ordered by the Law and the national action protocols.

Likewise, in the SSP we reiterate our commitment to always act in accordance with the law and put the safety of Yucatecan families and our visitors first as the most important mission.

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