Salvador Alvarado sports complex reopens its doors

After five months of remodeling works, the Salvador Alvarado Stadium was reopened on Saturday Jan. 18th, with the presence of prominent athletes, as well as Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal.

The work in this emblematic sports center was done with  an investment of 76 million pesos, and the complex finally reopened its doors to the public once again.

Luego de 5 meses cerrado, reabren el Estadio Salvador Alvarado de Mérida
El estadio estuvo cerrado 5 meses por trabajos de remodelación por parte del gobierno de Yucatán.

During the remodeling works the new synthetic athletic track was installed in blue, leaving behind the red plaid placed back in 2009, besides, four new paddle courts were built.

In that sense, work was carried out on the “Augusto Salias Ahuja” swimming pool too, where a metal deck for bleachers was added.

Seven tochito and soccer fields (both of synthetic material), are now available.

It is noteworthy that the area that was given an important refurbishment is that of pediment, which had been the subject of controversy when it was announced that it would disappear, something that finally did not happen.

Luego de 5 meses cerrado, reabren el Estadio Salvador Alvarado de Mérida
El emblemático estadio de Mérida estuvo cerrado por trabajos de remodelación.

Similarly, work was carried out on the façade of the central and exterior building in the perimeter fences, as well as in the offices, medical area, weightlifting gym and bathrooms.

In addition to the governor of the State, the mayor of Merida, Renán Barrera Concha was also at the event, and of course, a large group of people who were looking forward to the reopening.

It is worth mentioning that the sidewalks and the pedestrian crossings on 60th and 62nd streets were painted too.

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