Police officer suspended for throwing tear gas

After the situation that took place during the peaceful demonstration on January 19th, outside the International Congress Center, while Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal delivered his first government report, Luis Felipe Saiden Ojeda State Secretary of Public Security said he has taken actions on the matter.

Staff of the SSP used tear gas to clear the “peaceful” protest, which was being controlled by SSP personnel.

In that sense, the state official declared that the officer who threw tear gas to citizens, has already been suspended from his position, because no violence will be tolerated in the state of Yucatán.

“A thorough investigation of what happened has been ordered. As long as the Internal Affairs of the SSP concludes its inquiries, the police officer who activated the tear gas device has been suspended,” said Luis Felipe Saiden Ojeda.

In a press conference offered after Mauricio Vila Dosal’s first government report, Luis Felipe Saiden Ojeda emphasized that the violent acts were started by the citizens, not by the police officers.

Saiden Ojeda said that the police officer in question has been suspended, but that the issue is still being analyzed by internal affairs.

“Here in Yucatan we will not allow violent actions as in other states of the country. In that sense, in this state no agent of the SSP, Army, Navy or National Guard will be allowed to commit violent acts. ” Chief Saidén concluded.

The Yucatan Times



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