Police officer accidentally shots his partner inside the Centro Cultural Olimpo in Merida

MERIDA Yucatan. (Times Media Mexico) – In the midst of the hustle and bustle of Sunday activities inside and outside this building, on the side of the Municipal Palace, an unusual roar was heard that frightened dozens of people. In the Centro Cultural Olimpo in downtown Merida, a policeman was injured after his partner accidentally detonated a gun on him.

The Merida Municipal Police Department issued a bulletin confirming that a bullet had indeed been fired inside the Cultural Center. A municipal agent guarding a gallery in the area, at around 0950 hours, “accidentally activated his service weapon” and injured a colleague.

Fortunately the bullet wound was not fatal, but the impact was above the left knee, and the injured man was taken to the Ignacio Garcia Tellez Hospital for medical care. So far he is reported estable.

Other than a big scare and shock, there were no more affectations. The Municipal Police itself reports that Centro Cultural Olimpo is functioning normally in its usual hours.


The Yucatan Times