Divers encountered a species of ‘aquatic Tolok’ (Tolok meaning lizard in mayan) in a cenote in the Yucatan; it is believed that this species has never been recorded in the peninsula.

Through social networks Sergio Grosjean shared in his personal Facebook account a video where you can see what is believed to be a species never before registered in a cenote in Yucatan.

The expedition team, dove 10 meters deep into the Yucatan cenote where they were able to capture a Basilisk or ‘aquatic Tolok’.

The images of this species were possible to capture thanks to the sanitation work in the cenote of Calotmul in Yucatan.

In a video of only 45 seconds you can see how one of the divers captures the ‘Tolok’ perched next to some rocks; the divers thought it was dead and proceeded to raise it to observe more accurately and it was then that the little animal began to move and swim until it landed on another rock.

The strange and surprising thing about the animal pictured is that instead of running towards the surface like a common Basilisc lizard, it only swam up a few centimetres to pose again on another rock, so divers assume that it is a different type of reptile which has not been studied.

The Yucatan Times