Mexican authorities say thousands of Hondurans have voluntarily returned or been deported in January

Honduras passing through Tapachula, Chiapas (Photo: SinEmbargo MX/2019)

The Mexican National Migration Institute deported 240 Hondurans in two planes departing from Toluca on Monday.

This comes after a caravan of mostly Honduran migrants failed to advance past the Mexico-Guatemala border last week. The caravan began in San Pedro Sula, Honduras and numbered approximately 4,000 people when it reached the border.

The majority of the migrants were detained but an unknown number evaded Mexican authorities and continued traveling north. Now, Mexican authorities say that more than 5,000 Hondurans have returned to the country in January alone.

Some decided to return on their own, while Mexico has deported others by bus and plane. As many as four planes of deportees a day have departed Mexico for Honduras. When the caravan began, on January 15, Hondurans told reporters there is “little difference if you die here or there.”