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Mérida: a year-round Springbreak party (Watch Video)

by Yucatan Times
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You thought Spring Break was exclusive to places like Cancun?

Did you know that Springbreak vacations are currently promoted in Mérida, at alleged “student accommodations” in residential areas of the “White City”?

A local company has been pointed out by local media outlet Por Esto, as the alleged responsible of organizing these wild parties.

This is not the first year this is happening either, as massive parties were held last year at these “Casas de estudiantes“, where alcohol and other substances abound.

At least 4 houses have been identified, in neighborhoods El Campestre, Buenavista and Emiliano Zapata Norte, where “social events, dance classes and other activities are supposedly carried out, with the participation of foreign exchange students.

According to next door neighbors, mainly on weekends, buses full of students arrive, many of them under age, mainly foreigners, who are taken to these premises for tremendous pool parties that extend until late at night.

“While the parties are taking place, alcohol is consumed in large quantities and the smell of marijuana is intense”,(according to next door neighbor testimony).

According to residents of these “colonias” the students leave a great amount of garbage in the streets, and the noise they make is insufferable. (Photo: POR ESTO)

The company that allegedly organizes these parties is “Integrate Merida”, and according to its website (www.integrate-mexico.com/merida/), they are dedicated to the exchange of national and foreign students in Mexico.

We want to help you have the best possible stay at our amazing homes, and while you’re in Mérida, we want to invite you to thematic events and adventure trips,” the page says.

The questions at this point are:

  • Is this company leasing these homes?
  • Do they have the necessary permits to carry out this type of activity?
  • Who is earning money from these parties?
  • Are they paying taxes?

The houses that have been located have “funny” attractive names, such as “Casa Tequila”, “Casa Yucatán”, “Casa Campestre” and “Casa Buena Vista”.

The 4 properties are:

  • Casa Tequila” is located on Calle 13 # 162, Campestre, a few meters from Prolong. Paseo de Montejo. This property is promoted on Facebook and other weebsites as a “house for students with a pool”.
  • Casa Yucatán“, at Calle 39 # 355C, beetween 30 and 28, Colonia Emiliano Zapata Norte.
  • Casa Buena Vista” on Calle 35B # 44 (x 60), Colonia Buenavista
  • Casa Campestre“, on 15 # 287 street on 60 street, Colonia Campestre.

Several neighbors have filed complaints before the Urban Development Department of the City of Mérida, but the parties continued.

The promotion of these activities appears on the “Integrate Merida” website as “springbreak vacation”, and you can read announcements, in English, that say: “Are you coming to Mexico in the spring 2020 semester? Once a month we send an email with the best guides in Mexico and special offers, register now. ”

On the webpage there is a long list of exchange students parties and other activities. A person named Paco Aunión is mientioned as head of staff , in addition to Sharon Romero, Mónica Mota, Mauricio Soberanis, Fabrizio Soberanis, Mariana Gómez, Pavel Zaragoza and Rodrigo Coronel.

The site also shows the names of people who serve as liaison in different universities of Mérida, such as Modelo University, Marista University, Anahuac Mayab, the Banking School of Mérida ( Escuela Bancaria Comercial EBC), Universidad del Sur, Universidad Latino, CEEAC, and the schools of Engineering, FCA, Psychology of the UADY.

At the Facebook page of “Intégrate  Merida” (https://www.facebook.com/1591733397715469/posts/2407798389442295/)  you can watch a suggestive promotional video that invites you to “An event like no other in the city !! #BeIntegrate #BeOriginal #AllWe areFriends. Don’t miss the next edition  (Saturday, October 12, 2019).

In the following video called “Pool Party 2019” we can see what these parties are about…

The Yucatan Times

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