Maya “Medicine Man” murdered in rural community of Quintana Roo

An unidentified suspect, who managed to flee the crime scene, shot dead a Maya healer in the community of San Francisco Aké, Quintana Roo about 145 miles southeast from Mérida.

According to a witness testimony, the victim, Amílcar N. E., approximately 60 years old, and who was well known in the community for being engaged in Maya traditional medicine, was took by surprise at his home by a man who knocked on his door on the evening of Friday January 10th.

Apparently the attacker shot Amílcar at close range at least three times; two on the face and one on the chest.

San Francisco Ake, Quintana Roo is located 140 miles southeast of Mérida (INEGI)

Given these facts, the relatives of the murdered requested the support of the Municipal Police, who upon arriving and corroborating what happened, proceeded to cordon off the place to preserve the crime scene in order to conduct the corresponding investigations.

Expert staff from the State Forensics Office (Semefo), also arrived on site, in order to collect the necessary evidence at the crime scene.

The Yucatan Times Newsroom