Former Yucatecan mayors accused of embezzlement return land and cars

Nine former officials accused of diverting resources returned assets such as real estate, cars and even cash, to their municipalities.

MÉRIDA (Times Media Mexico).- Although none are in prison, nine former mayors of Yucatán who have been criminally charged with damages to state property. And now, they have begun to return municipal government assets such as land, automobiles and even cash, in order to “avoid more problems,” the head of the Superior State Audit Office (ASEY), Mario Can Marín, said on Monday Jan. 27th.

The official stated that ASEY has filed 57 complaints against former mayors who incurred in property damage with the former Deputy Specialized Prosecutor’s Office for Combating Corruption, which depended on the State Attorney General’s Office, now converted into an autonomous body called the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office for Combating Corruption.

The official said the number of complaints against former mayors could increase in the coming days since the third and last individual report of the public account for 2018 will be sent to the State Congress at the end of February.

“We have 57 complaints at the time, plus those that will come out of the second individual report that was submitted in October, plus those that could be generated from the third one that we will submit in February.

Reports have been submitted to the former Deputy Prosecutor’s Office, we are working closely with the Prosecutor’s Office, and we’re also working hand in hand with the state anti-corruption system,” he concluded.

The Yucatan Times