Burglar who robbed pharmacy in Merida is apprehended

via: Farmacias Guadalajara

The guy posed as a customer and tricked the employees with a BB gun.

MERIDA (Times Media Mexico) .- A man entered a pharmacy in front of the Macroplaza on Sunday Jan. 26 and after threatening the employees with a pellet gun, he tried to commit a robbery, but was detained by agents of the State Police.

On Sunday Jan. 26 a subject, identified as Manuel Lizandro E. C., entered one of the locations of the new pharmacies “Super Farmacia Guadalajara“, located on Calle 33 (x diagonal 35), and after going through the isles as if he were a client, he pulled out the gun – which turned out to be a Co2 gun – the man threatened the employees to hand over the money from the register, and then escaped.

Thanks to the quick reaction of members of the State Police (SSP), in response to the 911 emergency report, the alleged thief was caught near the crime scene.

Minutes later, officers of the State Investigation Police (PEI) arrived on site, carrying out the corresponding reports and gathering evidence, they found the gun, which Manuel Lizandro threw in the vacant lot located at the side of the pharmacy.

It turned out the suspect, Manuel Lizandro E. C., had criminal records, as he had been arrested before for injuries, possession of marijuana and cocaine.

The Yucatan Times