A sunflower paradise was created for bees in Oaxaca, Mexico

Actions taken to provide food for bees, so that their work of pollinization is not hindered.

After the fact that human activity has severely impacted the environment, and the effects of climate change that are more noticeable everyday, there is a percentage of society that is committed to nature and the environment.

Sunflower fields

A clear example of this, is the project in the state of Oaxaca, where they combine the planting of corn with the planting of sunflowers, with a very important purpose: Farmers are planting sunflowers to help the weakened bee colonies in the state, and in Mexico in general.

Agro-Ecology engineer Carlos Barragán García, who graduated from the Autonomous University of Chapingo and who collaborates in the MasAgro project in Oaxaca, explained that “these sites are of great benefit to the bees and other pollinators, as they guarantee them food and motivate their return”.

It is estimated that worldwide the hymenoptera colonies have decreased to a great extent due to various situations, such as climate change and the excessive use of fertilizers, a situation that could lead to a crisis in the food sector worldwide, since these species are responsible for the pollination of fruit and grain crops.

Sunflowers have been planted in the regions of Valles Centrales, Sierra Norte and Costa, a project that they plan to establish in the Mixteca region of the state of Oaxaca, to encourage the population of butterflies, hummingbirds, bumblebees and bees. 

In fact, 70 more farmers joined this project recently.

In view of this, the farmer from the municipality of Magdalena Apazco, José Luis García, designated a quarter of a hectare of his plot for the sunflowers to be planted: “an organic crop beneficial to the soil, which will provide it with nutrients and hydrate the soil”.

The Yucatan Times