11-year old boy kills teacher and then shoots himself in Torreón, Coahuila school shooting

A sixth-grade student shot and killed a teacher and injured six others before shooting himself at a school in the city of Torreon, Mexico, on January 10, the Governor of Coahuila Miguel Riquelme said in a press conference.

In the press conference, Riquelme said the male student arrived at his classroom at Colegio Cervantes de Torreón in the morning and asked to go to the bathroom. After 15 minutes, the student did not return and a teacher went to look for him.

“At this point the boy came out with two weapons, firing them. He killed the teacher, injured six others in a nearby classroom, and then shot himself,” Riquelme said.

Of the six people injured, one was a male teacher and five were students, according to the press conference.

Riquelme said that initial investigation indicates that the boy was influenced by a video game called Natural Selection.

Authorities are conducting an investigation into where and how the boy obtained the weapons.

Local news reports said the boy was 11 years old.

The Yucatan Times Newsroom with information from Luis Sandoval from Storyful