On Friday, January 24, the Ecotechnics Fair (Feria de Ecotécnicas) will be held in the municipality of Chacsinkín, Yucatán.

In an exchange of knowledge, Ecotechnics Fair attendees will be able to learn more about agroecology, solar cookers, biodigesters, wood stoves, solar energy and rainwater harvesting, among other topics.

The event is organized by the Programa de Pequeñas Donaciones de FMAM, which is aimed at boosting community participation in the solving of global environmental problems, improving the quality of life of the local rural communities, and working with organizations with legal personality.

At the Fair, there will be speakers who will talk about the main benefits of :

  • agroecology
  • solar cookers
  • biodigesters
  • wood stoves,
  • solar energy
  • rainwater harvesting

The event will take place at the Noj Naj Community Center, on Friday Jan. 24th, starting at 9 am and admission is free.

Chacsinkín is located 111 kilometers south of the city of Mérida and 10 kilometers northwest of Peto.

For more information you can go to www.ppdmexico.org