Due to lack of medication IMSS has to implement new innovative HIV treatment

The Mexican Institute of Social Security (Instituto Mexicano del Seguro social: IMSS) pioneered the implementation of an innovative new treatment for patients with HIV, due to the constant lack of antiretroviral drugs under the AMLO administration.

Beneficiaries of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) will provide, starting on Monday December 9th, an innovative treatment to patients with HIV, which is state-of-the-art technology, and was planned to be launched on 2020, but the implementation had to be done ahead of time due to the lack of the corresponding antiretroviral drugs.

In fact, the IMSS stated that the treatment has been developed because of the emerging shortage of antiretroviral drugs.

Similarly, the health institution announced that the treatment will be guaranteed in the corresponding medical services, i.e. (the beneficiary who requires it, must go to his/her treating physician to update the assessment).

“Treatments aimed at HIV prevention must be intensified in order to reduce the number of deaths”, said the director of the UN-AIDS Regional Support Team for Latin America, César Antonio Núñez, “this is necessary to encourage a better quality of life for HIV virus carriers,” he concluded.

The Yucatan Times