Ticul’s “App” is a success

During the very first week alone, 180 messages were registered.

TICUL (Times Media Mexico).- You can now report problems such as potholes, burnt out bulbs in public lighting, uncollected garbage, among others, without having to go to the “Palacio Municipal” or  making a call.

Several days ago, the City Council, headed by Mayor Rafael Montalvo Mata, launched a free app for citizens of Ticul, on which they can report directly to each department of the municipality the problems they detect in their neighborhoods.

” Just in the first week we received 180 reports for potholes, lighting problems, water leaks, among others, and in the first cut we had already attended more than 80% of them,” said the mayor.

“The most important thing about this online tool, as well as well as our Facebook page “Reportes Ticul”, is that citizens can receive photographs of reports already attended by City Hall workers,”  Montalvo Mata.

The Yucatan Times Newsroom