The Right Furniture to Create Mexican Ambience

If you know one thing about running a successful restaurant, then you know that it has to have a theme. If your pick is a restaurant with Mexican ambiance, then you need to focus on the interior colors, motifs, fixtures, and furnishings. In this blog post, we discuss the right furniture for an authentic atmosphere which is usually created by offering multiple seating styles. For instance, the tables and chairs are placed in the center of the room, and the booth is placed alongside the outer walls.

Tables and Chairs
The best way to create an authentic Mexican ambiance is to use rustic wood tables and chairs. You can easily find them in your local market, and if you can’t, then there are websites like for help. Either way, you want to consider that customers of all sizes and shapes are able to sit comfortably inside the establishment. The following are some of your best options:

  • Colorful chairs with beautiful patterns can work really well if you want to put chairs of different colors together
  • Jordan chairs can dbe combined with Hacienda-style tables for a strong impact
  • Seek easy maintenance for accidental spills and heat? Why not consider copper table tops which can also give your eatery an upscale appeal?

Do you know which colors speak Mexican restaurant and offer décor ideas? The answer is green, gold, orange, and red, and they should your preferred colors for the booths. Of course, the fabric is also important, and you want to lean towards Vinyl which is pretty much standard and is also easy to clean up. You can choose a colorful stripe pattern or Mexican Chile- both work beautifully.

For the booth table tops and table bases, you can be spoilt for choice as you can go with rectangular, square, or round, and the base metal can be a butterfly design or pedestal.

Centerpieces and Table Linens
Last but not least, you need to pick the perfect centrepieces and table linens. So, what are your options? Well, you want ones that can be layered with a colorful pattern on the top and a solid color at the bottom. You have to contain the main colors of whichever color palette you have picked for your establishment. If you need ideas, then you can consider the following- zarape striped tablecloths, vinyl tablecloths, and oilcloth tablecloths that can be easily combined with solid colored napkins.

Helpful Tip: Consider placing lamps or candles on the tables to set up an ambiance but don’t proceed unless you have appropriate light fixtures in the first place.

A Beautiful Restaurant Requires Time and Effort
There is no denying that Mexican cuisine is highly popular around the world. However, people seek the true and authentic Mexican experience. Even if your food is hitting your customers with the right notes, your restaurant can easily fail if the ambience doesn’t match the taste. So, be sure to pick appropriate furniture for your place, and you will have all your customers smiling and thankful for your service. Good luck!


The Yucatan Times

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