The main steps to follow for receiving compensations after suffering a personal injury

Personal injuries are not easy to deal with, even if they are minor. Those who go through all kinds of accidents have many hurdles to face, among which the legal ones related to obtaining compensations for what happened to them can be strenuous. The victims of accidents can try and obtain compensations on their own or can ask for the support of specialized attorneys. As the number of accidents has increased, so has the number of lawyers who offer support in obtaining compensations for personal injuries.

No matter the way one wants to follow obtaining these compensations, the steps are the same and they are explained below.

Gather and carefully store evidence

Evidence is crucial no matter the case and personal injuries also need to be supported by evidence, therefore, after recovery (if the case requires) gathering evidence and carefully keeping it is the first and most important step in order to obtain a fair compensation. This is where a personal injury lawyer can be of great help.

Evidence will imply medical bills, photos from the accident, police reports and witness statements and an evaluation of the losses based on which the amount to be obtained as compensation can be calculated.

Calculate the compensation

Once the evidence is gathered, the victim can proceed to calculating the amount of money he or she can ask as a compensation in order to have comparison terms when going to the insurer. There are many specialized tools, such as online calculators, which can help the victim get an idea about the amount of money he or she can obtain.

Meet the insurer

In most cases, the insurance company of the person or company causing the accident will handle the relation with the victim and at least one meeting is necessary. During this meeting, the insurer will present their offer, while the victim can present their claim and this is where the calculations and evidence can help the victim obtain the compensation requested or a higher amount than the default offered by the insurer.

Go to the court

There are also cases where court action becomes necessary, however, these are usually situations where the culprit is charged of various offenses. In minor accidents, the amicable agreement with the guilty party or his/her insurer is the final step in obtaining a fair compensation. Either way, legal guidance from a specialized lawyer is helpful in order to reduce the time spent waiting around for answers from insurance companies.


For The Yucatan Times