Reopening of “El Corchito” ecotourism reserve

“The ecotourism reserve of “El Corchito” reopened on Monday December 9th, with a very good response, since in a matter of hours, almost 120 tourists came to visit us”, informed the general director of the Board of Trustees of the Units of Cultural and Tourist Services of Yucatán (Cultur), Mauricio Díaz Montalvo.

The tourists included foreigners and Mexican nationals, began to arrive early in the morning, to enjoy the beautiful landscape of this natural attraction.

“It should be remembered that El Corchito was closed for almost two months as a result of the increase in the sea level that caused the recreational areas and corridors to flood, and making the cenotes muddy and murky, but fortunately, everything is back to normal now”, Diaz Montalvo continued.

The official added that, for environmental reasons, at the moment, only the Helechos, Corchito and Venados cenotes are open to the public, as well as two Ojos de agua (wellsprings), where people can swim.

The visitors had a great time, and took pictures of wildlife such as birds, raccoons and coatis that are part of the natural landscape, as well as enjoying the well-known “natural jacuzzi”.

“We want to invite all the people in Mérida to visit “El Corchito”, because we are sure they will have a great time and will be delighted to bein direct contact with nature,” Mauricio Díaz Montalvo concluded.

The Yucatan Times Newsroom