Pyrotechnics cause fierce fire in Celestun

A voracious fire was registered in a property located in the coastal town of Celestún, Yucatan. The cause: out of control pyrotechnics. Residents ask for precaution before lighting up fireworks this holiday season.

If you live in the Yucatan, you know that the use of pyrotechnics during the holiday season is very common, starting with the festivities of the Virgin of Guadalupe, then come the “Mexican Posadas“; Navidad and Año Nuevo.

And as of December 11th, the irresponsible use of pyrotechnics already provoked a rampant fire in Celestún, Yucatan.

The events occurred during the celebration of a local labor union, which is held annually in the aforementioned port.

While a large firework was lit to brighten up the celebration, one of those fat fireworks known as “Toro Negro” fell on the roof of an old palapa located right in the center of town, on Calle 10 between 9 and 11, starting a huge fire that fortunately did not bring any fatalities to the town of Celestun, but did cause substantial material damage.

All the assistants forgot about the meeting, and ran to quench the flames, using nothing but buckets of water, as the nearest fire department station is located one hour away in the municipality of Kinchil.


The Yucatan Times