Polita fights “heladez” with her huipil

Sometimes, there are notes that make us happy… This is one of those.

TICUL Yucatan. – (Times Media Mexico) Meet “Polita”, the Yucatecan female dog that went viral for carrying a beautiful Yucateco huipil to protect herself from the “heladez” –Yucatan´s cold– and now enjoys national and international fame, thanks to the fact that her photo has been shared thousands of times.

Photo: J Gamaliel Mendoza

Dozens of national and international mass media reproduced the news that has caused tenderness to animal lovers.

The photo of “Polita” wearing a huipil became viral due to the peculiarity of the image. She is a mestizo dog that lives in Ticul Yucatan.

As a result of the image, many people have gone to visit “Polita”.

Facebook user “J Gamaliel Mendoza” was the person who shared the image and commented: “Polita wears her huipil in order to avoid the “heladez”.  This image of her, in the streets of Ticul, it´s worth sharing it and making it viral”.

And so, “Polita” has become a famous doggie all over the world.


The Yucatan Times