Nude Zapata painting disrespectful

The Yucatan Times received a letter from Mr. James A. Marples a reader from Texas, requesting its publication in “Letters to the editor”. We always appreciate the feed back from our readers and we are glad to post our readers opinions.

“I read the article in The Yucatan Times:Emiliano Zapata’s grandson will sue National Institute of Fine Arts” (Dec 10 issue).  The anger of the grandson arose due to a painting of a nude General Emiliano Zapata atop a white horse and the article noted that the horse was “sexually aroused” with an “erection” of the penis of the animal.  General Zapata was depicted as nude, shaped like a female, and wearing  ‘high heel’ shoes, with the implication that he was either into homosexuality of bestiality. 

While it is only a painting, it was painted disrespectfully to depict Gen. Zapata as weak, perverted or effeminate and the explicit anatomy of the horse was calculated to generate controversy… While ‘art’ may be in the eye of the beholder, that was not ‘tasteful art’, but rather a smut painting intended to bash the character of a dead man who was assassinated and not around to defend himself”.


James A. Marples




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