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New tax would be charged on the CFE receipt in 2020

by Yucatan Times
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Among the new taxes proposed by the State government for 2020, the security tax would be up to 8% on the consumption of services provided in homes and would be indexed in the tariffs of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), according to information issued by the State Congress.

Regarding the possibility that the PRI representatives will approve the taxes and increases for the collection of some proposed duties, its coordinator, Felipe Cervera Hernandez, said they will first have to convince them:

“Of course there is the possibility, but they have to convince us that the benefit of collecting one of these new fees or increases is greater than not doing so,” he said.

“What needs to be reviewed is how much it is expected to enter based on that right and what would happen if there is no income, and that is precisely one of the questions that will be asked today, Thursday, to the officials who will appear in Congress on the subject of the tax package.

There Would Be Exceptions
Regarding the new security tax that is also intended to include for 2020, the PRI member commented that this varies, because the proposal they are making is to have a cap of up to 8% on the consumption of services provided in homes and that varies depending on consumption.

“But we have also proposed the exception of people with lower economic resources, the intention would be that whoever has more pays more, whoever has less pays less,” he added.

As for the collection of this security tax, although it has not been confirmed, it is considered to apply to the bimonthly electricity bill. This would the second tax to be charged to Yucatec through the CFE receipt, the first that has been charged for several years is the Public Lighting.

Tax for hoteliers
Regarding the rejection expressed by hoteliers on the tax that is intended to apply to visitors, of 35 pesos per room per night, he said he was aware but, “we must remember that there is an Advisory Council that is the one that has pronounced itself in favor and what he would ask is that dialogue be established with the members of that Advisory Council with the State’s own Executive.

The PRI coordinator said: “Nobody wants to pay any rights, that’s obvious, we don’t like to pay taxes or pay more rights, more obligations, and there are those who not only don’t want, but can’t.”

The Yucatan Times

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