Mexican states approve 10% increase in taxes on beers and cigarretes

The 10% tax increase on alcoholic beverages and cigarettes was approved by the Mexican government, so if you drink or smoke, be prepared to pay more.

“A 10 percent increase to the issuance of licenses for the operation of establishments or premises that sell alcoholic beverages to the general public, has been approved” the text states.

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The aforementioned was approved in Committees of the Congress of the state of Tamaulipas, who gave their endorsement to this 10% increase in taxes on beers and cigars.

With this increase in the 10% tax on beers and cigars, they consider that it will allow the collection of approximately 162 million pesos.

According to local media reports, this proposal for the 2020 Revenue Law was sent by Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca, governor of the northern state of Tamaulipas and was approved by commissions.

Let’s keep in mind that Tamaulipas is not the only state that has approved this tax on alcoholic beverages, but also Mexico City in the 2020 Economic Package, as new taxes are considered for alcoholic beverages, which is intended to avoid excessive alcohol consumption, which in the future will prevent diseases, addictions, car accidents and family violence.

The Yucatan Times



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