Mexican Congress determined to eliminate wage gap

Mexican Congress approved the elimination of the wage gap between men and women. Private companies must list work in the same way.

Equal pay for men and women is now a reality, with the approval of the reform to close the wage gap between men and women. The reform was unanimously approved by the Chamber of Representatives.

This reform also reaffirms the obligation of both public and private institutions and companies to pay equal salaries for the same job.

It seeks to eliminate sistematic sexism, and with 400 votes in favor, the amendment to the General Law on Equality between Women and Men was approved by Congress.

The initiative was promoted by Congresswoman Dortheny García Cayetano, who stressed that Mexico ranks 122nd out of 180 countries in generating opportunities for women.

“Our country has the worst wage gap between men and women in all of Latin America. The issue is worrisome and requires special attention. The wage gap exists and it violates our human rights as working women,” stressed the congresswoman.

The Yucatan Times