Mérida resident finds Boa “chilling” in her swimming pool

A resident of the Francisco de Montejo neighborhhood in Mérida was scared to death, when she found a two-meter long Boa Constrictor inside her swimming pool.

The reptile was “chilling” in the small pool (3 by 4.5 meters in size) and filled with water with a depth of 40 centimeters.

Sandra G.T.S., 52, a resident of Francisco de Montejo’s 39-A street for many years, immediately called the emergency number 9-1-1 to report that a huge boa was inside her property.

SSP agents arrived minutes later, captured the snake and returned it to its natural habitat where it will be able to carry out a normal life, as in important part of the foodchain.

It should be noted that this reptile is not poisonous, but it is very impressive because of its size.

The Yucatan Times Newsroom



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