It is urgent that hosting platforms in Yucatan pay Taxes

They point out that they do not compete under the same conditions with the hotel sector.

Now more than ever it is urgent that hosting platforms pay taxes such as the ISR, a commercial electricity tariff and payroll taxes, otherwise the effects on the formal hotel sector will increase in 2020.

The president of the  Business Council of Tourism in Yucatan (Cetur), Jaime Solis Garza, said that for there to be an middleground between the hoteliers of the entity and those who provide accommodation service through the electronic platform, the latter should start paying Income Tax (ISR).

He added that the tax charges to the technological platforms should be urgent, as they already represent a strong impact on the economy of the organized hotel sector in Yucatan.

The business leader considered that although Airbnb is already paying the tax on accommodation, it still does not compete under the same conditions with the hotel sector of the entity.

He considered that the mentioned platform that offers its lodging services through the Internet, must pay other taxes such as ISR, so that there is an even floor between them and the organized hoteliers.

“The idea is for them to pay ISR or VAT at least, so that all of us are even in the sector, because if they continue like this, many legally constituted companies are being affected by a platform that does not even generate jobs for the state”, he said.

For his part, the president of the Mexican Association of Hotels in Yucatan (AMHY), Hector Navarrete Medina, said that electronic hosting platforms such as Airbnb take 12 percent of the overall occupancy, so they are a significant impact on the lodging sector formally constituted.

“We have to find a way to tax them, we have to try and balance their rates, to mak them closer to us, because for 700 pesos a night they offer you a two-room apartment, that’s what you would pay for a room with a hotel that pays taxes and that’s where you can’t compete on equal terms,” he concluded.

The Yucatan Times