Hacienda denies resources for 800 projects in Yucatan State Municipalities

Resources to finance 800 infrastructure works amounting $12 billion pesos, have been denied by the Federal government.

At the end of the year, the Secretaría de Hacienda y Crédito Público SHCP (Mexican IRS) “slammed the door” to the 106 mayors of Yucatan by denying resources to finance 800 infrastructure projects for a global amount of $12 billion pesos, which were presented by the mayors for the benefit of the people of Yucatan.

These were projects in social and sports infrastructure, drinking water, health, education and security services, and  throughout this year the municipal presidents approached the SHCP several times to do a follow up on their projects, however, Hacienda ultimately will not provide the resources for the implementation of these projects.


Representative María Esther Alonzo added that the Congress was not able to obtain the corresponding economic resources within the 2020 Federation Expenditure Budget, to finance 800 infrastructure projects previously presented by municipal authorities, for a global amount of $12 billion pesos in Yucatan.

“This year many mayors had to give up. We did not have the same affluence of last year,”she said.

She recalled that many mayors explained the importance of exercising the projects in their municipalities, but nevertheless, these will not happen, since the Federal government denied the economic resources.

The Yucatan Times