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Follow these tips to protect your pet from the outbreak of fireworks soon to come in Mérida

by Yucatan Times
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Here’s how you keep your pets safe from ear damage caused by fireworks:

In this Christmas season, celebration of Guadalupe, Mexican Posadas and New Year’s Eve, many people usually light up fireworks, which can affect dogs and cats, and that’s why we want to invite everyone to raise conciousness and not take your pets where these are being lit, these places usually being the local parks and public squares.

Dogs and cats have more sensitive ears than humans of course, therefore, these strong detonations can cause anxiety, fear, tachycardia, salivation, gastrointestinal disorders and in the worst case, death.

There are known cases of pets that have died by heart attacks or run over by cars while running away unrestrained out of a panic attack.

This phobia is known as Acustrophobia, which is the fear of firecrackers or other loud sounds, such as thunder, gunshots, fireworks, etcetera.


  • In case they use pyrotechnics near your pet, it is recommended not to leave them alone when the explosions are triggered, because fear is usually linked to other anxiety and dependency disorders.
  • Reduce or camouflage noise. Play relaxing music for background or turn on the television.
  • Look for the quietest part of your home, and stay there with your pets.
  • Don’t take your pet to a fireworks show.
  • Make them a “little house” as a hideaway and cover it with blankets to reduce the noise.
  • Make sure doors and windows are closed.
  • Don’t turn off the lights completely, leave some of them on, this will help reduce the flashes that can bother your dog or cat visually.
  • Provide snacks for handling behavioral problems in dogs under stress.
  • Use floral essences in drops or spray (not in large quantities though), for dogs and cats.
  • Try to distract them with toys.
  • Make sure all your animals are wearing their collars and identification tags, in case they run away.
  • Finally, once you’re sure the firecrackers are over, check to make sure your pet is okay.

The Yucatan Times

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