Dream job: Yucatán Today is looking for a new editor

The venerable magazine is ready to hire a creative, organized, and passionate professional who’s also a native English speaker.

Have you even imagined yourself at the helm of Yucatán’s leading tourism magazine? Yucatán Today has a job opening that certainly piqued our interest: they are looking for an editor.

Since 1988, this family-owned monthly publication has helped visitors and residents understand the lay of the land. YT publishes detailed information on excursions, dining, events, and shares cultural insights as only they can. In addition, they print the most gorgeously designed maps this side of National Geographic. This is a consistently high-quality magazine with a strong online following as well, on both the Web and social media.

Yucatán Today’s next editor will have some big shoes to fill.

First off, he or she will be a native English speaker, with at least 80% Spanish, possessing excellent grammar and spelling in both languages.

The editor will require a concise, but casual, writing style, as well as an eagle eye for proofreading. (Have you ever seen a typo or poorly worded sentence in YT? Not likely.)

Since the editor will assign stories and supervise writers, he or she will need to be a master of organization and able to keep track of details and meet deadlines. This will also require excellent interpersonal skills, facing day-to-day challenges and being comfortable giving feedback to staff or freelancers.

The ideal job candidate will have experience in a related field. Your resume should demonstrate the ability to work directly with clients, exceeding their expectations. And of course, since Yucatán Today publishes simultaneously in English and Spanish, the editor will be experienced at translating and editing texts.

But your nose won’t be buried in manuscripts. The editor should also be passionate about customer service as well.

How will the ideal candidate juggle all of this? With humor. Don’t take yourself too seriously, Yucatán Today asks of its candidates. Knowing a little something about this line of work, we say that’s sound advice.

Being editor of Yucatán Today is a dream job for the right person, and the owners hope to maintain a long-term relationship with the successful applicant.

This is a full-time job, paying MX$18,000 a month plus great company benefits, and with office hours Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Yucatán Today’s offices are on Calle 37, between 56 and 54.

Interested? Send your resumé to info@yucatantoday.com