Dirty Blonde Hair Ideas For This Upcoming Year

Want to rock some of the best and stylish dirty blonde hair looks this year? Here are some modern looks you may want to choose from.

Dirty Blonde Hair Colour Ideas to Die For

Without a doubt, thinking about rocking a dirty blonde hair colour brings a variety of images. You have to consider subtle blonde colours or total transformation through the process of bleaching. Some women may also opt for partial bleaching.

However, regardless of whether you are planning to rock platinum blonde, or simply you want to give your blonde tresses some vibe, there is a myriad of options of dirty blonde hair shades you can opt for. Let’s check them here.

Platinum Blonde Hair Shade.

When it comes to dirty blonde hair colours, the platinum blonde is the lightest shade amongst all the blondes. This blonde tone is suited to ladies with fair skin tones or those with a medium tone. However, one thing that makes the platinum blonde so universal is that it can be rocked by people with any eye colour. However, it appears particularly amazing with brown and bright blue eye colours. This hair colour has been around for years, and many celebrities have been rocking it. It is an edgy colour you should too try out.

Light Ash Blonde Shade.

This is a whiter colour of the blonde that has a gray and ashy tone. Sometimes it is referred to as cool platinum and appears great on people with light skins and lighter eye colours. You have seen celebrities such as Lady Gaga, and you know it is amazing.


Strawberry Blonde.

This is a fresh and reddish blonde shade that is comprised of almost all hues of sunset. This colour appears great on ladies with fair skin and light eye colours. It can be styled pretty simple, especially if you start with light hair. Balayage styled over light roots is a great way to come up with a strawberry blonde look.

Beige Dirty Blonde Hair.

This incorporates darker roots with light and fresh highlights. It rocks on ladies with medium skin tones- all that you need is to ensure that you include some warm colours to complement your skin tone if need be. If you choose orange or ashy tones, you might appear too pale. This can be a terrible mistake, especially for people with darker hair and eyes.

Silver Blonde Hair Shade.

Silver blonde hair shade is an ashy and crisp colour that transforms blonde locks into sterling colour. Suited best on lighter skin tones and eye colours like green and blue, this colour is an ideal option for women with naturally graying manes. For ladies with dark skin tones, you would want to include warm honey hues to avoid a pale appearance.


Creamy Blonde.

The creamy blonde shade is a whiter hue of blonde that is more suitable when rocked by medium to dark skin complexions with darker eye colours like black and brown. To accomplish this look, you want to tell your colourist to add butter or creamy highlights on top of your dark base. This is an excellent combination of blonde hair shade for women with dark hair, see on Pinterest.

Dirty Blonde.

Dirty blonde hair shade is a mid-coloured blonde with hues of wheat. Opt for this shade if you have brown or green eye colour and mid-toned skin complexion. This cute look can be accomplished through an ombre or balayage styling technique.

Honey Blonde.

This hair shade is warm and bright and appears great when rocked by women with mid-toned skin complexions with dark eye colour. One of the celebrities who sport this hair shade is Taylor Swift. To accomplish this appearance, tell your stylist not to interfere with the hair roots and include honey highlights.

Sandy Blonde.

Sandy dirty blonde hair shade is bold and subtle at the same time. The blonde colour compliments excellently the ladies with fair skin complexions and with light eye colours like hazel or blue. If you want to rock a beautiful sandy blonde style, tell your hairdresser to shade the roots of the dark hair blonde and add beige highlights on your medium-length locks.

Copper Blonde.

This is a luminous darker golden colour with undertones of hazel. It is a great shade for ladies with darker skin complexions and eyes such as black and brown. Copper is a great way to rock blonde looks if you have naturally darker hair hue.