Citizens sue the goverment to defend animal rights

CHETUMAL (Times Media Mexico).- Citizens sue the state government of Quintana Roo before a Federal Court, in order to protect 80,000 animals in accordance with the Animal Welfare and Protection Act and revoked the authorization to sell pyrotechnics in the Municipality of Othón P. Blanco.

Rafael Rivero Aburto, legal representative of Civil Associations in the Defense of Animals, confirmed the request for protection before the Sixth District Court based in Chetumal against Mayor Otoniel Segovia Martinez, and other municipal authorities, to suspend permits to sellers of pyrotechnics.

Because there are about 40,000 street dogs and 40,000 pets in homes that suffer from the violent use of this type of products during the Christmas season that are overused by the population.

He pointed out that in the last few days there have been 100 pets injured and three killed as a result of the use of “Petardos y bombitas” that people throw directly at them, for the simple purpose of physically hurting them.

The lawsuit for the protection of animal rights is against Segovia Martínez, as controls the application of regulations in the city council. This hopefully will cancel the permits for the sale of pyrotechnics.

The Yucatan Times