Are you planning to welcome 2020 in costume?

Although Halloween has come and gone, there’s still one more chance to dress up in a costume in 2019, and that’s none other than New Year’s Eve! If you’ve been invited to a costume NYE party style and have zero clue what to wear, consider some of the following ideas and make 2019 go out with a bang.

One of the seven dwarves
Although the Seven Dwarves hasn’t yet been given a live-action reboot like many other Disney classics, everyone stills knows and loves these characters and will understand your costume right away. Besides, dressing up as Snow White is so mainstream! Go as one of the dwarves that best matches your personality, be it Happy, Sleepy, Bashful, Doc, Sneezy, Dopey, or Grumpy. All you really need to do is iron felt letters onto a colored t-shirt, create a makeshift belt, and wear denim shorts, boots, knee-high socks and a beanie! Better yet, if you know 6 other people who like the idea, you can have all the characters at the party.

Misty from Pokémon
It’s fair to say that the hype surrounding Pokémon Go has died down considerably, but now that Pokémon Sword and Shield have been released, the new game has brought out all the feels yet again! You could go through a lot of effort and dress up as Pikachu, but that involves way too much yellow body paint! Better to go as Misty, one of the most popular human characters from the TV show. She’s instantly recognizable (it always sucks having to explain a costume) and the outfit is quite simple. Denim shorts, red Converse sneakers, a yellow sleeveless t-shirt, and red suspenders make up the core outfit. You’ll have to wear your hair in a left side-ponytail and you’ll likely have to get semi-permanent hair dye if you aren’t naturally a redhead. Just do it right so you don’t end up ruining your hair.

Men in Black
One of the best last-minute outfit ideas if there ever was one, the Men in Black costume is really just a plain black suit, black dress shoes, white shirt, black tie, and black sunglasses. This also works great as a couple’s costume with your partner or even with your bestie. Maybe you’d want to get the Neuralyzer gadget as a prop to complete the outfit, which can easily be bought online. Since the Men in Black: International movie was released in 2019, the costume will still be fresh in everyone’s mind.

Miss Universe
If you want to make your pageant dreams come true, NYE is the time for a Miss Universe costume. You’ll need your best dress, a sash, silver tiara, and a bouquet of flowers. This simple costume idea works great because it’s primarily built with accessories. Some costumes can be a bit of drag to wear all night, but with the Miss Universe outfit, you can simply dress up like you’re going to prom and customize it as you wish!

Ironic costumes
Really hate having to dress up in costume but don’t want to ruin the party? Ironic costumes are funny and still show you tried a little bit! If you’re low on time and motivation, then try one of these:

  • 50 Shades of Grey: Definitely not what you think! Go to your local hardware or paint store and pick up all the free color samples. You’ll need to get as many shades of grey as possible and stick them on a t-shirt. That’s it!
  • Error: The web developers out there will love a t-shirt with the following words printed: Error 404: Costume Not Found. Very minimal effort is required, but you’ll get a few laughs.
  • Instagram: You’ll just need to get a large piece of cardboard, cut out a square in the middle, then print out an Instagram logo and stick it on the top. Write your username and even a few comments on the bottom, then you just need to hold the cardboard in front of your face all night and boom, you’re an Instagram photo.

You could also look at the latest trending memes and see if you can create an outfit based on one of those.


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