Passenger dies on Interjet flight that had to emergency land in Mérida

An Interjet flight from Havana to Mexico City had to emergency land in Merida, because one of the passengers started feeling bad.

Unfortunately, despite the timely attention given to the passenger by Grupo Asur, a concessionaire of the air terminal, Adela Huerta Pérez, 60, from Cuba, unfortunately died after landing in Mérida.

The emergency landing took place at approximately 7:30 PM, when the Interjet plane covering the flight from Havana to Mexico City requested permission from the international airport “Manuel Crescencio Rejón” to descend.

The reason was because the passenger began to feel bad due to kidney failure, so an ambulance was requested by Asur to attend to the passenger.

Unfortunately, the woman died, so the State Attorney General’s Office was informed, and the Forensic Medical Service staff arrived for the procedures.

The other passengers got off and remained waiting for the flight to resume.

The Yucatan Times Newsroom