YUCATÁN (Times Media Mexico).-” Yucatan´s exports to Cuba have increased by 40 million dollars (800 million pesos), in recent years, so by 2020 this commercial activity will be crucial for the economic growth of the state”, said the Business Coordinating Council (CCE).

The president of the CCE, Raul Aguilar Baqueiro, noted that Yucatecan exports maintain a good rate of growth in general, so he estimated that sales of local products to the island have a high potential to continue growing in 2020.

“Our visit to Cuba responds to the huge commercial potential between Yucatan and the island to continue growing in trade … The historical performance is very good, and figures will continue to increase in the coming year,” he said.

Aguilar Baqueiro pointed out that Yucatan’s annual exports to Cuba could exceed 60 million US dollars.

“One of the objectives of the Yucatecan government’s visit to Cuba is to do more business with the island, and promote Yucatecan companies that have the potential to export to that country, especially in the area of medical and food products,” he said.

Among the opportunities to increase business is the export of limes and oranges, which are grown in the area of Oxkutzcab, in south of the state, as well as the production of chicken, turkey and pork, so it has been proposed to strengthen the infrastructure to allow an increase in trade.

The Yucatan Times