Yucatan guest of honor in iconic “Feria de San Marcos”

YUCATÁN (Times Media Mexico) – will be the honered guest at the National Fair of San Marcos 2020, the organizers of the event announced this through their social network accounts.

The secretary of Tourism in Aguascalientes and president of the Fair’s Board of Trustees, Jorge López Martín, welcomed the state “to the largest and most important fair in Mexico”. The meeting established the details and aspects of the state’s participation in the fair. Yucatan representatives toured the perimeter of the fair and learned about the modernization and remodeling being carried out around the premises of the Plaza Monumental de Aguascalientes.

Photo by: Mexico tourism

What is the San Marcos fair?

The “Feria Nacional de San Marcos” (San Marcos Fair) is a national fair held in the Mexican state of Aguascalientes every year for three (or sometimes four) weeks. Most of the events related to the fair, however, occur in the city of Aguascalientes, the state capital. The exact date of the fair varies every year but is set around April 25, the Feast Day of San Marcos. Initially the fair was tied to the vendimia (harvesting of grapes) since wine production used to be an important activity in Aguascalientes.

Nowadays, it is an important tourist attraction that is heavily associated with bullfighting and cockfighting. It is estimated that seven million people visit the fair every year.

The Yucatan Times