Up to 12 years in prison for acid attack

MEXICO CITY(Time Media Mexico).-Acid attacks, especially on women, have increased in recent years, as the chemical has become the weapon of rapists in Mexico. For exactly this reason, deputies of the Mexico City Congress approved tougher penalties for those who carry out acid attacks.

According to the initiative, aggressors who use acid to attack their victims will be punished with 12 years in prison, which marked a breakthrough, since previously it was punished with only one and a half years in prison.

This initiative was promoted by the local congresswoman, Alessandra Rojo de la Vega, who disapproved of the increase to 12 years of punishment for the attackers, since she said it must have been harsher since the acid disfigures the victims for life.

“Today in the city we are about to approve an increase in the punishment to those who injure a woman for the simple fact of being one,” said the deputy of the PVEM.

The new changes to the Penal Code of Mexico City were approved by 49 votes in favor. It should be noted that a gender alert was also activated, since women were targeted much more than men.

The Yucatan Times